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Specifications of SEM in FMIPA ITB


JSM-6510A/ JSM-6510LA (Analytical / Analytical low vacuum SEM)The JEOL EDS is embedded in the JSM-6510 and the JSM-6510LV to provide a powerful analytical system with efficient operation for both observation and analysis. The JSM-6510LA let's you analyze non-conductive specimens without conductive coating.

A general-purpose, thermal type SEM to meet the needs of a wide range of users with built-in standard recipes. A wealth of available options, such as Cryo, further expands the range of applications.

Operation navigation

  • The operation navigation screen displays a variety of navigation functions.
  • The specimen exchange procedure is presented in a flow format, so that the process can be easily completed even by a first time user.
  • When the motor-drive stage option installed, a stage graphic makes it easy to search for a target site
  • When the stage navigation system (option) is used, it is possible to locate a region of interest with the feel of operating an optical microscope.
  • Video animations supplement the maintenance procedure explanations

Standard recipes

  • Standard recipes incorporating JEOL expertise and experience are pre-installed
  • Even new SEM users can set conditions suitable for each sample

Wide range of options

  • A variety of options can be installed, including a cryo system and a cool stage
  • Since the EDS is also a JEOL product, control can be performed from a single PC

EDS integration

  • Analysis can be started from the SEM window
  • Since the EDS is also a JEOL product, control can be performed from a single PC





-High vacuum mode : SEI, BEI detektor
- Low Vacuum mode: BEI detektor
- Magnification x5-300.000
- Pergerekan specimen: 5 Axis (X,Y,Z,R,T)


x5 to 300,000 (printed as a 128mm x 96mm micrograph)

Probe Current

1 pA-1 A


10 - 270 Pa




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